During this challenging period for the aviation and tourism industry, AeroCRS keeps providing its excellent services and assisting new airlines to launch its operations despite the pandemic outbreak. 

We are proud and delighted to welcome Tayaranjet into our family – a European air carrier that operates since 2018 in the sector of ACMI collaborating with top-level airlines and now, in summer 2020, Tayaranjet is entering the scheduled air market, focusing on the Italian market.

“Flights in every corner of Sicily” is the claim of the airline for the summer 2020 campaign, the airline offers already flights to Bologna, Catania, Comiso, Palermo, Roma, and other destinations will be announced soon, flights will be operated by Boeing 737/300.

Mr. Giorgio Giannone – Chief Operating Officer of Tayaranjet commented:

“For Tayaranjet, a newly appeared airline on scheduled air services market was crucial to have an experienced, comprehensive and competent partner, who could lead us through the process of setting up our operations and thus, we chose AeroCRS. We believe that our collaboration will help Tayaranjet to grow, expand our presence on the market, and get many loyal passengers with the innovative tools of AeroCRS. A logical structure of the system and its intuitive interface are major advantages alongside ongoing support, their availability, short response times, easy on-boarding process,  and their flexibility in adding new developments. With AeroCRS tools, our passengers have an exceptional customer journey easily booking online Tayaranjet flights. 

Mr. Meir Hadassi-Turner, CEO of AeroCRS said: 

“We are proud to cooperate with Tayaranjet and we are looking forward to assisting the airline on a new stage of the business providing outstanding customer service and the most robust & user-friendly solutions. AeroCRS is working hard to ensure our clients are supplied with the necessary tools to get back to cross the skies in new post-COVID reality.”

AeroCRS provides cutting edge solutions to the airline industry and supports more than 60 airlines around the world. AeroCRS solutions include – AeroCRS PSS, a robust online reservation system that consists of full IBE, open API, B2B platform, FFP, reporting center, and more. AeroCRS Analytics – an online business intelligence solution and AeroCRS Network – an online distribution platform that consists of +20 API integration to different distributors.

For more information about AeroCRS, please visit:  www.aerocrs.com
For more information about Tayaranjet please visit:  www.tayaranjet.com

Anastasia Binkina, Regional Account Manager of AeroCRS
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