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Using AeroCRS Pro’ services, @liftairlinesa, one of the hosted airlines of AeroCRS PSS made a successful transition to its new IBE that was designed by AeroCRS UX/UI designer according to Lift Airline requirements.
#pss #wewilltravelagain

NORDIC Seaplanes joins AeroCRS family

We are proud and delighted to welcome NORDIC Seaplanes into our family – a Danish seaplanes operator that lands outside or inside the harbors and connects Miljøhavnen in Aarhus and Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen.

AeroCRS has entered into a contract with a new U.S. Part 121, domestic, flag, and supplemental carrier GlobalX, to provide its full suite of solutions including AeroCRS PSS, AeroCRS Network, and AeroCRS Analytics.

The AeroCRS team is glad to announce that LitorAli Airlines – an Italian startup is live on AeroCRS PSS and AeroCRS Network solutions.

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The @AeroCRS would like to wish you and you loved ones Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! may 2021 be the year we restart aviation, travel and tourism worldwide.
#wewilltravelagain #pss #traveltech

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