Expand your sales network and increase your revenue by selling your inventory on different distribution channels

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When in AeroCRS, the system gives you many tools to distribute your inventory, such as AeroCRS Network distribution platform, direct connections to GDS, Hahn Air Lines direct GDS connectivity (for airlines), interline and virtual interline capabilities, agency portal, Embedded internet booking engine with a content management system, API and much more.

In AeroCRS Network, we already connected to leading Online Travel Agencies, Meta-Search engines, and other aggregators. AeroCRS Network platform gives you the option for a hassle-free distribution managed by AeroCRS.

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AeroCRS Network

  • AeroCRS Network is a solution to help you distribute your content on OTAs, Meta-Search engines, and B2B aggregators.
  • AeroCRS partnered with industry-leading OTAs and Meta-search engines, which have connected directly to AeroCRS API, using this connection, when you sign-up for AeroCRS Network distribution you will take advantage of low commissions negotiated by AeroCRS.
  • From your side, you don’t need to do “anything” besides managing the routes and fares in the system, and the AeroCRS Network team takes care of the rest. We will communicate with the OTAs and Meta-Search engines and make sure the airline inventory is distributed correctly on their website.
  • Meta-Search engines redirect the passenger to the internet booking engine (IBE) with the custom deep-link, which is also managed for you by the AeroCRS Network team.
  • The cost for you is based on “Cost per acquisition” (CPA), giving you another distribution channel free of setup fees.
  • We allow you to choose which OTA or Meta-search engine would display your content, giving the power to the decision-makers at the company.
  • Your company remains the main contact and “ticketing entity”, the payment of the customer goes directly to the company, using the customer’s credit card or the OTA virtual card, commissions are deducted automatically using an advanced payment system which the passenger doesn’t see and will be handled between AeroCRS Network and your company.
  • Setup is easy and fast at the AeroCRS side, and then the team starts to work with the OTAs and Meta-Search engines, some of them even have an automatic implementation of the inventory and fares.
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Hahn Air

Direct GDS connectivity

  • AeroCRS is connected directly to Amadeus and Sabre GDS using IATA standards via Type A/B.
  • This type of connectivity allows you to connect directly to the GDS using your IATA code, AeroCRS will also supply you with an IATA standard e-ticket database, communications, and more.

Hahn Air

  • Our partner Hahn Air provides the perfect solution for a cost-efficient and risk-free way to go global overnight. Even better, it only requires minimal implementation time and no change on your regular day to day operations with AeroCRS.
  • With the Hahn Air H1 solution, your routes will be distributed in all GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) under the H1 code to over 95,000 travel agencies in more than 190 markets. Also, your routes will gain a presence on leading OTA websites and metasearch platforms.
  • Sales generated by travel agents will import into your reservation system like any other booking from your website or any other channel we provide in AeroCRS.
  • With H1, you can reduce the complexity of global distribution by:
    • Outsourcing indirect distribution, optimizing revenues and increasing yields
    • Concentrating on direct distribution and your core business in key markets
    • Entering new markets at no additional cost
    • Identifying individual selling needs and customizing distribution to target specific market segments

Travel Agency Portals

  • AeroCRS supplies you with two agencies portals, a web portal, and a system link for more advanced users.
  • Agencies can log in to the portal and make bookings, pull reports with their data, email or SMS directly to customers, and more.
  • The portals work directly on your inventory, so no e-ticket or BSP fees are needed, using the management platform.
  • You can manage their deposit or credit limit and give them different permissions in the system.

Create your affiliate network

When you have a partner on the internet or a big agency, there are several ways for them to sell you.

AeroCRS give you the option to provide your partners or anyone you would like to partner with, the opportunity to link your website, and get a commission from referring customers.

When their referred customer books and travel, they will be rewarded with their commission according to what you have explicitly set to them in their profile.

You can also manage several affiliate programs at once.

You can also set per affiliate program, the option to give their customer a discount, so the customer will be motivated to use that specific link from that particular partner.