Swiss-based, Helvetic Airways, migrated to AeroCRS from their custom-made system which was in use by the airline for several years. Helvetic Airways will use the full suite of services by AeroCRS which include AeroCRS PSS, AeroCRS Network and AeroCRS Analytics.

Established in 2003, Helvetic Airways offers flights to European destinations in the short and medium-haul sectors and operates from Zurich and Bern-Belp airports.
The fleet operated by Helvetic Airways consists exclusively of Embraer aircraft: E190, E190-E2, and – from 2021 – E195-E2. Helvetic Airways has one of the largest fleets for short and medium-haul regional flights in Europe.

Mr. Christian Sunher, Chief Technology Officer of Helvetic Airways said: “We were looking for a solution with no dependency on legacy aggregation and distribution, but being able to directly distribute, connect to new gen aggregators, being open for Tour Operators, while owning the offer and order process. In other words, a distribution fully based on our direct channels on one hand and NDC and direct API connectivity to other distributors and retailers.
AeroCRS provides a solution that helps us further enhance our product offer and will also enable us to respond more effectively to market developments.
The onboarding process was very efficient and we experienced professional support during the whole project.”

Mr. Meir Hadassi-Turner, Founder & CEO of AeroCRS said: “Helvetic Airways choosing AeroCRS is a milestone for our company, we are proud to be their technology partner. After the very good RFP process that was led by Travel In Motion GmbH, I’m sure the right choice was made. Helvetic Airways is a well-known airline in the industry and I’m confident that their team of aviation experts will benefit from our innovative solutions and together we can even expand our reach.“

AeroCRS is a leader in the transportation industry and provides cutting-edge solutions to airlines and ferry operators and supports more than 75 customers around the world.
AeroCRS solutions include – AeroCRS PSS, a robust cloud reservation system that consists of enhanced inventory management, a full IBE, open API, B2B platform, revenue & yield management, reporting center, coupon system, marketing automation tools and many more. AeroCRS Analytics – an online business intelligence solution and AeroCRS Network – an online distribution platform for airline content distribution to leading OTAs and MSEs with the aim of expanding airline presence in the online world and increasing ticket sales via online ticketing platforms and new distribution technologies

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