We are delighted to welcome HelloFly into our family, a Maltese virtual carrier that partnered with Estonian airline NyxAir as their operational carrier and plans to start commercial flights during the Christmas holidays.

The flights will be operated by a  Saab 2000 aircraft, a safe and fast 50-seat executive turboprop aircraft giving the possibility to Italians and other travelers to reunite with their loved ones during the holidays time at very competitive prices. Those flights are also aimed at increasing leisure traffic to Malta, a popular travel destination for spending the holidays and celebrating the new year in the Mediterranean island.

Mr. Domenico Foggetti, Chief Commercial Officer of HelloFly commented: “We have chosen AeroCRS PSS mainly for three reasons that we can summarize in three adjectives: smart, intuitive, and flexible. In addition to these reasons, we have found great relationship skills, professionalism, and availability from the AeroCRS team.”

Mr. Meir Hadassi Turner, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of AeroCRS said: “I’m pleased that the HelloFly team chose AeroCRS, and they see AeroCRS as a solid solution, which can offer the airline functionalities and features needed for their regular operations and distribution requirements.”

AeroCRS provides cutting-edge solutions to the airline industry and supports more than 90 airlines around the world.
AeroCRS solutions include – AeroCRS PSS, a robust cloud reservation system that consists of enhanced inventory management, a full IBE, open API, B2B platform, FFP, reporting center, Coupon system, marketing automation tools and many more. AeroCRS Analytics – an online business intelligence solution and AeroCRS Network – an online marketplace for airline content distribution to leading OTAs and MSEs with the aim of expanding airline presence in the online world and increasing sales tickets via online ticketing platforms and new distribution technologies.

Would you like to learn more about HelloFly?
Please visit their website:  https://www.hellofly.it/

Anastasia Binkina, VP Sales – Europe & Americas of AeroCRS
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