man sitting at airplane window holding a phone with logos of aerocrs, united networks and hepstar

United Networks are a world-leading provider of mobile roaming solutions. United Networks formed many successful partnerships with well-known brands both globally and locally.

United Networks partnership with Hepstar and AeroCRS has made it possible for your passengers to stay connected during their trip.

Using the AeroCRS Affiliate Marketplace your airline can benefit from selling ancillary products such as Global SIM, Wi-Fi connectivity and SOS Alerts as described below.

If you would like to activate United Networks offering of ancillary services on your website, you can easily activate it using AeroCRS, if you are not a member of the AeroCRS Affiliate Marketplace yet, please contact us.

SIM card

Global SIM / eSIM

Great savings on calls, texts, and data when your passenger is abroad.
United Global SIM takes the sting out of overseas travel with our low cost international roaming SIM card. United Networks competitive pricing ensures your passengers can stay connected throughout their journey without having to worry about a hefty price tag.
United Global SIM is a reusable, prepaid service, meaning no lock-in contract and no bill-shock. With United Networks large collection of top-up, data pack, and day pack products, your passengers can choose the amount most suited for their journey and only pay for what they need.

Benefits of Global SIM

  • Prepaid, no contract
  • Calls from $0.20 per minute
  • Texts from $0.15 per standard SMS
  • Data from $0.01 per MB
SIM card
Phone with WIFI


Are your passengers tired of constantly searching for a free Wi-Fi connection when they travel? With United Global Wi-Fi they’ll never have to pay for a hotspot again.
Unlimited Connectivity on the Go
If your passengers purchase a United Wi-Fi pass and connect to a supported hotspot, they don’t have to stress about paying for their Wi-Fi usage. United Networks single-sign-on feature also means they’ll never have to worry about entering a password or providing their personal information at every Wi-Fi sign-in page. With access to over 50+ million hotspots in over 180 countries, it is a hassle-free solution for the modern day traveller.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Pass

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi internet
  • Easy to register and set up
  • Single sign-on – one account for all hotspots
  • 50+ million hotspots in 180 countries
  • Prepaid and flexible, no lock-in contract
  • Available at great prices

SOS Alerts

SOS Alerts is a security solution that provides safety and security updates from trusted sources, enabling your passengers to monitor emergency incidents as they occur around the world. Whether it is a man-made event or a natural disaster, stay updated on incidents which may impact traveller safety and travels.
Travel Risk Management on the Go
United Networks SOS Alerts solution provides a user-friendly way to monitor global emergency events as they occur. Simply register online or on the United Networks app.

Benefits of SOS Alerts

  • Security Intelligence News Feed
  • Global Coverage
  • Real-time Data Updates
  • Web and App Support
  • Sharing Alerts with Friends and Family
  • Free with Option to Upgrade
phone with SOS alerts