We are happy to welcome AirExplore to the AeroCRS family. Founded in 2010, AirExplore is a Slovak charter airline headquartered and based at Bratislava Airport. AirExplore operates a fleet of Boeing 737-800 on ACMI and Wet lease basis.

In the upcoming months, AirExplore will offer direct flights from Bratislava airport to Split and Zadar airports in Croatia, and its planning to expand its network and to open more regional destinations in Europe in the near future.

Mr. Peter Kirth, Ground Operations Manager of AirExplore said: “Our decision to work with AeroCRS was made on a very short implementation and training period. AeroCRS PSS is very user friendly. Their support team reacts very fast to any questions I have, even out of working days. We took advantage of some integrations with other systems that AeroCRS had done during the year and the process was very easy and quick.”

Mr. Meir Hadassi-Turner, CEO of AeroCRS said: “I’m happy to welcome Air Explore, into the AeroCRS family. I’m sure that AirExplore will benefit a lot from our solutions which will enable them to grow and to fulfill their plans in their new vertical of operations and marketing of their services with AeroCRS robust solutions”. 

AeroCRS provides cutting edge solutions to the airline industry and supports more than 60 airlines around the world. AeroCRS solutions include – AeroCRS PSS, a robust online reservation system that consists of full IBE, open API, B2B platform, FFP, reporting center, and more. AeroCRS Analytics – an online business intelligence solution and AeroCRS Network – an online distribution platform that consists of +20 API integration to different distribution channels.

For more information about AirExplore please visit:  www.airexplore.com

Ram Beery, CMO
144 Begin St. Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: +972(3)7219664 ext. 806, ram@aerocrs.com