IATA provides the only official industry certification program in support of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard, the NDC Certification Program.

On 12 August 2021, AeroCRS was granted “NDC Capable” Level 4 status for its NDC-based solution AeroCRS, under the NDC Certification Program. This status recognizes that the AeroCRS supports deployments using Full Offer and Order management messages whose schemas are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, version 20.2.

AeroCRS airlines will now be able to be certified to use NDC and connect to other airlines and distribution capabilities.

Meir Hadassi Turner, AeroCRS’s CEO statement:
We see great opportunity in NDC, allowing our airlines to be certified, by easing the process of distribution, streamlining channels, and much more. The certification by IATA for NDC Capable Level 4  together with our AeroCRS Network distribution along side legacy channels and different GDS aggregators, and with the help of virtual interlining, will give airlines that are using AeroCRS PSS endless possibilities, we invite all airlines to start the process of certification.

Visit IATA’s NDC for additional information about NDC.
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