We are happy to share that AeroCRS partnered with Verloop.io, to provide seamless travel booking services to Lift Airline customers.

Verloop.io helps businesses deliver delightful experiences across channels. Verloop.io conversational AI platform uses advanced NLP and ML to automatically resolve customer issues with natural language.

By implementing a WhatsApp bot, the customers of Lift Airlines can perform various activities. From booking their tickets to making changes to their booking via WhatsApp without having to rely on the mobile app or website. 

Lift Airline Solutions service highlights – 

  • Check availability based on destinations
  • Get fares and make payments
  • Book flights and get confirmation
  • Make modifications to booking such as – cancellation, extra reservation etc.

Booking Flight Tickets via WhatsApp

Customers can now book their flight tickets and receive all updates and notifications readily via WhatsApp. In case of any modifications, they can reach out to customer support directly via WhatsApp instead of spending too much time looking for the support team’s contact on the website. 

Check Availability: Passengers can check the availability of flights based on the destination, and do their booking via their mobile. All the exact details are presented to the customer on a single WhatsApp interface like how it is available on the website.

Make Payment: Besides checking flight fares, users are provided with a link wherein they can make their payments securely via WhatsApp at the click of a few buttons.

Send Confirmation: Passengers can receive a confirmation on their booking right on WhatsApp. This also ensures that they are promptly notified if there are any other important updates such as changes in flight timings, delays, terminal info, etc.

Canceling: In case of rescheduling or canceling, passengers don’t have to log in to their mobile app or go to their website. A simple menu to confirm cancellation/ rescheduling saves a lot of time.

Modifying Booking: Making changes to the booking, reserving extra tickets, etc is a breeze now with WhatsApp.

Ram Beery, Chief Marketing Officer of AeroCRS
144 Begin St. Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: +972(3)7219664 ext. 806, ram@aerocrs.com