We wanted you to update you about the things we are working on in AeroCRS.
API implementations
We have been working on several API implementations where several new OTA (online travel agencies) have been asked to implement our API for their usage, it might take them a while longer to implement our full API, but that’s another way forward in distribution.AeroCRS newsletter May 2014

Some of the OTA’s are: Flyezee, Travelcreations, Travelshoppe, Go2Africa and some more, this is added to the existing ones which scans our system on a regular basis.



They will contact you in the near future as we have given them your contacts.We have a long way to go, but we have offered the OTA several options:

  • Direct access to you
  • The OTA will contact you and will ask for a credit line and will be able to create a booking via the API and ticket it.
  • You will need to open them as an agency with booking limit and credit limit and give them commissions if you choose to do so, a permission should be given in the LDS module according to instructions you will get from the OTA.
  • Referral only mode
  • In such cases OTAs will search your inventory and pricing using the API and will redirect the customer directly to your website to finalize the booking on your website, such as skyscanner, momondo and others.
  • AeroCRS BSP
  • To ease the process of API implementations and OTAs that want to have access to all our airlines (without commissions), we will implement a simple AeroCRS BSP procedure, where you will get bookings from AeroCRS agency, which is in actual one of the OTA’s which have selected not to deal directly with all of AeroCRS hosted airlines.
  • It is better for you, as AeroCRS will take a deposit from the OTA and will transfer the money to you directly after ticketing, a commission of $2 per segment will be taken out of the payment to handle this operation at AeroCRS and bank transfer fees will be also taken out on your side.
  • Companies who wishes not to be a part of AeroCRS BSP can request to opt-out, kindly contact us.
  • 3G Directpay xPAY
  • Some OTA’s are planning to implement 3G Directpay as part of their solution for payments, payments will either be redirected directly to your account at 3G Directpay or an xPay transaction will be done to transfer the funds.

New Internet Booking Engine Design
There is a new website coming very soon, we have taken a lot of remarks lately and in the new websites we will take care of several things:

  • Totally new home page look – we will take your old home pages and we will implement them into the new home page, we have relocated the login and re did the menus.
  • Improved search engine results page – the new page will be able to show several pricing results per flight (according to fares) Or just one as it is today, The option to sell your partner airline within your website, connection flights, new coupon module, new search engine to include infants or special needs and a new way to view other dates of availability from the same page.
  • Extra’s page – for customers using our ultimate package we are introducing a new feature to sell extra products like extra baggage, seat allocation, special meals etc.
  • Itinerary page – A brand new itinerary page will show the customer several options to log-in to the system, either by his account or by Facebook or Google, we have given you also the option to request from the customer additional details from the customer like passport number, date of birth etc.
  • Payment options – In the itinerary page, we have renewed the payment options giving you the option to allow the customer to use several payment methods or offer them to “Hold the booking” for a few hours, in addition, Airlines with our Frequent flyer module enabled, the website will allow them to utilize their FF points / miles.
  • New account page – allowing the customer to view his bookings, miles/points balance and update their information.
  • The search engine will be multilingual in 5 different languages by default!
  • Customers in Ultimate packages will allow their users to build their itinerary and amend bookings.
  • All of the above with a brand new sleek design and RESPONSIVE, meaning all of this will be available in a mobile version mode



New customers…
Say hello to our new customers… we have expanded quite rapidly in the past few months, among the new customers are: Air Croatia from Croatia, AB aviation from Comoros Islands, Lao skyway from Laos and some more… they have chosen to go with AeroCRS and we congratulate them on their selection.



AeroCRS is growing…
How do we do it… in the past months we have grown quite significantly, our staff now have new engineers some in support and QA and some in the development of the new features which are coming, a new partnership with a designer and new sales managers.

We have totally changed the way we work in R&D and implemented several tools to improve the customer service in that manner.

We hope that this will give you the support you need and the development process that you are so much use to and even better.
What else are we working on?
Well, we have so many things here are a few which are planned for the rest of the year:

  • New mobile app for mobile check-in (for management)
  • New mobile app for iPad for offline manifest and offline check-in
  • New Lost & Found system, for your customers baggage
  • New and advanced business intelligence reporting system
  • New MULTI-LEG feature which will allow you to have one service with endless VIA legs
  • New DCS and GDS features with our partners.
  • New and improved OPS scheduling and Crew scheduling
  • Improved fare & tax management
  • Much more!

We will soon release several versions with the new features, once we do so a webinar will be also released.

We have also learned that we need to update you more frequently, we promise to do so.

Thank you for your support!