We are happy to share that we’ve successfully integrated Accelya’s state-of-the-art revenue management, inventory control, and reporting tool, airRM.

Today more than 70 global airlines are successfully using airRM, and have access to unique tools, in real-time. airRM combines flight level, internal and external data sources to present a complete picture of flight performance, offering the detailed factors that influence each flight’s booking behavior.

airRM’s Revenue Management tools address challenges faced by today’s airlines, using multiple data sources incorporating manual decisions, rule curve recommendations, and auto-piloted optimization actions. The intuitive Overview, Reporting, Business Rules, Flag Action, analytic clustering tools, allows combinations of 000’s of KPIs. airRM is scalable allowing a team to grow with the system and devise new exciting strategies no other system could offer.

Why airRM?

  • Identify more Revenue opportunities with intuitive tools
  • Significant Efficiency Gains without Adding Headcount
  • Superior Support & Account Management
  • Continually Enhanced with monthly releases
  •  Scalable system for all airline sizes

airRM blends daily reservation system and 3rd party commercial data, allowing airlines to make quick decisions on the most recent data. In the post-Covid world, these data processes, combined with intuitive tools, will help airlines effectively steer their way to control. It will be these processes that are essential and important, ahead of slower historic data-driven optimizations.

AeroCRS provides cutting-edge solutions to the airline industry and supports more than 90 airlines around the world.  AeroCRS solutions include – AeroCRS PSS, a robust cloud reservation system that consists of enhanced inventory management, a full IBE, NDC integration, open API, B2B platform, FFP, reporting center, Coupon system, marketing automation tools, and many more. AeroCRS Analytics – an online business intelligence solution and AeroCRS Network – an online marketplace for airline content distribution to leading OTAs and MSEs with the aim of expanding airline presence in the online world and increasing sales tickets via online ticketing platforms and new distribution technologies.