Get a full e-commerce website template which include an IBE

in which your customers will be able to book a flight,
manage their reservations, do online check-in and to look for a different packages you are offering

Booking Process

The booking process in the website is very easy and user friendly, its consist 4-5 pages, Search,select your flights, add ancillary service or choose a seat, input your details, pay and get confirmation online

The booking process in the website is parallel to the booking process within the system and TTL, cancellations, amendment rules etc. apply the same on the website.

Any action you do on the back office system reflects immediately on the customer or agent account, you can start offline with a customer and direct him back to the website for further actions (like printing his ticket or paying)

Booking Process

Integrated Payment Solutions

Each customer of AeroCRS can choose his own payment gateway and our IT team will do the integration for him, so when a customer book a flight the payment will go directly to the payment gateway account of the airline.

Integrated Payment Solutions




In the website you will have different types of logins, such as customers login, so your customer can login his account view his past and future bookings, add ancillaries, do online check-in and more, Agent login in which a travel agent can login to his account and do the booking on the website and Agent CRS login in which a travel agent will login to your CRS and do the booking directly on the CRM but with restrictions that you will set up.


Website management

When using the free website template we provide, you will also get a full built-in Content Management System, so the marketing department of the airline can update the website from time to time by themselves, in the CMS you can:

  • Add website content
  • Use meta keywords, titles, description (for search engine optimization)
  • Update images
  • Update website structure (location of links etc.)
  • Update interactive banners
  • Choose the colors
  • Translate your website to any language that you want
Website management