Yes, we support GDS connectivity. We have direct connection to Amadeus and Sabre, Travelport is available and direct connectivity to Hahn Air Systems (H1).
In the type of connectivity with H1, we communicate with Hahn Air Systems’ system, which communicates with all the GDS and has its e-ticket database.
When a reservation from any of the GDS which Hahn Air is connected to (and it is connected to all the majors) comes to their system, it will then be shown on your system automatically.

The Revenue management can be programmed in many different ways (sales dates, service dates, expiry, currency, classes etc.)

Yes, you can put it in the system so it will do it automatically.

Up to your choice – either a fully integrated IBE or a full front end, and then no need to have an external CMS system / your own website, you can use our CMS.

On the website, customer/agent has the option to create a new reservation and cancel a reservation.

A payment for a booking can be done by credit card or if the agent is given an access have a booking limit, he can do it on invoice (an automatic internet voucher will be used).
Another option in the advanced website, is to complete a booking with booking certificates issued by the airline.

When you have a call-in customer, that you don’t wish to take his credit card number over the phone, you can send that customer a link from the system, and he will be able to complete a booking that had started on the CRS, on the website.
As well, any booking made on the system is available on the website at the “customer account”

Currently we don’t have No-Fly black list.

A customer can book, add to his itinerary, remove, etc. it is not like open jaw, as we don’t provide a multi-leg search feature.

Yes, we provide a full Frequent Flier management including earning rules, spending rules, members management etc.

When an agent sends you a voucher (LPO) you are able to insert it into the system. The system will verify that the voucher was not used on another PNR.

In any way, any requested report (within the limits of our reporting system) can be created for free by our programmers.

On this process, the agent can add a mark-up and charge the customer additional fee on the booking, on the customer’s credit card.

All our systems are secured and tested by McAfee secure.
This feature is for the SEAL only, so your customers will see a seal that this website is protected and checked daily, like the one you see on

PNR screen is fully logged (any change / view).
On the rest of the system any record change is logged and you can see the last person who changed the record.

Yes, there are a few more reports you can issue.

By nesting classes we mean that each class you sell deducts seats from the total allowed for the service.

You can manage your aircraft list, and quantity for the booking systems.

Airlines operate in remote areas sometimes (Masai Mara, Serengethi) and the booking requires a mandatory details (camp name) for the booking to be completed so a pilot won’t end up landing a PAX in the middle of the bush without anyone to pick him up, so the CRS and the IBE have an option to add mandatory accommodation per destination setting, and require reservation staff to ask it during booking.

You can supply an API link to an agent who want to have your flights on his website (including the booking process).

All, according to permission, cancellation / amendment fees you define (change fees, re-booking in different class, name changes, etc.).

Yes. After spliting a PNR the system will move the money (using our deposit module) between the PNRs.

You can set a fare for a specific currency, point of sale – you can define classes to be shown or not shown to agents.
Agents get a commission (NET rate) according to % off the RACK fares.

We are not certified to work with SITA, but we do have the option to export a PNL / ADL / PFS / PRL  file you can send to your ground handler, using FTP or an E-mail, you will just need to give us the PNL file structure you need.

We provide the airline to decide which access to give an agent, IBE or CRS.
IBE – for the internet, the option to create a booking, ticket it and cancel it.
CRS – to have all the facilities – create, amend, cancel, print invoices, reports etc.

Yes. There is a module in the system where you manage this currencies and their exchange rates.

You don’t need to have anything on your side but web browsers, you don’t pay any fee for our infrastructure, we take care of it.

Within 1day set-up of AeroCRS and another 4-5 days of training, you will be able to get your aviation operation under the advanced AeroCRS software.

Any PSP you decide to work with will be fine by us, we don’t handle your money, we will charge you only for the software service fee.

We don’t limit your support calls, as we know our system is stable enough.
Normally any ticket support is responded within a few hours, no matter the time. Support on weekends is for urgent issues.