Website Management (IBE)
Website Management
AeroCRS customers get a full operational website, including many features and management console.
  • Website Management (IBE)
  • Website Management (IBE)
Full E-Commerce Website
AeroCRS comes with an integrated website, not just an API (application protocol interface) or a web booking engine. AeroCRS customers get a full operational website which is multilingual, supports multiple currencies option and also including many features and management console.
4 – 5 pages order process
Just: Search,select your flights and input your details, pay and get confirmation online
Instant confirmation web booking, that have a direct contact with your back office system
Your customers will be able to do a simple (one way or return booking) within a matter of seconds
Online check-in with seat selection and a printing boarding pass
Car rental engine of
Ancillary services sales during and after the booking process
Integrated google maps for routing
Interactive banners, Contact Us page and News updates
Account page for each client and agent
Social media integration
Multiple Currencies
Booking Process
The booking process in the website is parallel to the booking process within the system and TTL, cancellations, amendment rules etc. apply the same on the website.
Any action you do on the back office system reflects immediately on the customer or agent account, you can start offline with a customer and direct him back to the website for further actions (like printing his ticket or paying)
Agent Login
Have a special login for agents to use the website, book seats, confirm them, access their account, release bookings etc.
Agents will be able to make bookings using advance payments or credit cards.
Website management

As the marketing department needs to update pages from time to time, AeroCRS provides you with a special management system to update the web pages content.

  • Website content
  • Meta keywords, titles, description (for search engine optimization)
  • Update images
  • Update website structure (location of links etc.)
  • Update interactive banners
  • Choose the colors
  • Translate your website to any
Book Offline Pay Online
Take a scenario for example, that a customer is calling your call center, with just a few clicks you can reserve his seats, then instruct him to go to his online account on the website (the system will generate a password and user login for the customer automatically) there he will be able to finish his booking with paying online and will be able to print his booking confirmation.
Integrated Payment Solutions
AeroCRS customer’s websites are connected to various payment gateways, enabling you to select which supplier will provide you with the credit facilities.
We support:

For more integrations options please visit the integrations page.

Interactive Banners
You can control your interactive banners on your website, Voucher and more.
You can even sell your “Voucher” space to restaurants, hotels etc, you can actually make money from using
the system.