Packages Management
Packages Management
AeroCRS gives you the ability to sell tour packages online from your IBE.


One of the features AeroCRS developed, is the ‘Packages’. AeroCRS is always thinking of more options to make more online sales for their customers.

The packages feature allow you to create a deal for your customers of as many nights and days you may want, include flights and hotel information, add the fares, date and rules and you are ready to go live in minutes.

The system talks with the website live, and each update you are doing in the system, will be automatically changed in your website, that way you assure accurate and updated information for you customers.

AeroCRS packages feature also give the ‘end customer’ or agents the option to book the package online, as the flight is confirmed right away from your flights inventory, and put the hotel reservation under request for approvement.

With an easy to use automatic package system, you can increase the range of products you offer and to increase your web online sells.