AeroCRS Network

AeroCRS network is a new service offered by AeroCRS. We will help your airline to get more distribution over various networks and OTA’s. We have already signed contracts with several OTA’s and enabled them access to our API.

In order for the possibility of booking online and reserving seats, we will create on your system an agency called "AeroCRS network" which all the bookings will come to this agency and you will be able to balance the payments received by aerocrs network.

How does it work?

We will get the booking from the OTA and it will be inserted automatically into your system and reserve a seat. The OTA can cancel the booking or keep it.Tthe OTA has only 48 hours to keep it and must ticket it within 48 hours.

How does the airline gets the money?

In this case there are 2 possible options:

For airlines allowing third party payments via API you might see a payment with credit card directly in the booking.

There are OTAs which will work AeroCRS by using a deposit. In this case, once a booking is ticketed, you will get the money at the end of the month of each booking ticket value.

Please note that currently we support only PayPal or xPay transfers to your accounts.

Once a payment is cleared, You will get a report from us.

How much does it cost?

There are no setup fees, only a $0.5 per ticketed segment charged from the amount in case of deposit. In cases of credit card payments, we will charge you on your billing cycle.

Can the airline apply a commission based structure on a specific OTA?

Yes. If you come to an agreement with the OTA to use your services directly and not via AeroCRS network, you are able to use the same API development the OTA did and apply their contract / terms / deposit on that account. You can open a support query once you have signed that contract.

The fees apply to this types of contract as well and will be charged according to your billing cycle.

Which OTA are joining AeroCRS Network:

Currentlu We have Travel fusion, (formerly Skypicker), Flyezee, Travelstart and more.