DCS – Departure Control System

DCS – Departure Control System
A built-in DCS which is easy to use and allows the airlines to check-in passengers quickly.
  • Departure Control System
  • DCS – Departure Control System

Boarding passes and gate control

AeroCRs simple DCS (Departure Control System) will allow you to manage your own boarding passes with a simple thermal printer, printing all the information from your own Check-in screen.
On the gate, with a simple handheld barcode scanner, you will be able to scan the code and state the customer as “Boarded”


AeroCRS provides a special check-in screen so you can professionally manage check-in counter for all of your flights.
Issue a simple border control passes – specially designed for small operated terminals (without standard machinery) or scan the bar-code embedded on each ticket that comes from AeroCRS system.
Check-in system will store all information with status you provide and with information you provide on your customers check-in and it will show in the manifest or any reports that will come according to your flights.
The system also processes the No-shows according to your cancellation policy rules.


AeroCRS can send PNL / ADL to your ground handler or an external Departure Control System. You can set the time before the flight you want the messages to be sent via email or to send the message via Sita systems, this option give you to ability to send PNL / ADL information over SITA messaging.

Online Check-In

Allow your customers to check-in online, select seat and print boarding pass before the flight from your airline website

CUTE certified DCS / CUPPS

Cute certified DCS is available in AeroCRS, please ask a sales representative for additional information as it is specific to your ground handler.