AeroCRS Analytics

AeroCRS Analytics System Solution

AeroCRS Analytics was built on the powerful BI tool by Qlik, the tool is constantly being developed and more features are added to the system. AeroCRS is an OEM authorised by Qlik international.

AeroCRS Analytics in partnership with Qlik, programmed and designed a unique Business Intelligence system, especially for airlines use. The system will help you get your data and turn it into information, knowledge and deep insights for your airline’s success. AeroCRS Analytics is available from anywhere, any time with no installation required. You can analyze your information from different aspects that includes agents analysis, flights analysis, booking analysis, customers analysis, comparison analysis, trends and patterns analysis and more. All the information which is being filtered within a click and can be exported to excel (csv). The information also includes variety of graphs for smart and comfortable visualization.

AeroCRS Analytics will be compatible according to user permission and according to your business needs. Each user can view and analyze only the data permitted and create and save for himself his favorites and most used filters.

AeroCRS Analytics is  a stand alone product, so if you are not an AeroCRS customer, you can use AeroCRS Analytics system as well.

Qliktech® delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 40,000 customers worldwide. Companies of all sizes, across all industries and geographies, use Qlik® solutions to visualize and explore information, generate insight and make better decisions. At Qlik, we optimize Business Intelligence (BI) by harnessing the collective intelligence of people across an organization. We focus on empowering people—by enabling everyone in an organization to see the whole story that lives within their data.

AeroCRS Analytics Model

  • Flights
    The flights model allows  you see aspects of the flights, classes, passengers quantities and detailed overview, any graph is a “drill down” graph, where you can mark an area or a specific section which will allow you to explore specific information about your data.
  • Bookings
    The bookings module allows you to explore the behavior of the flow of passenger in the marketing and gives you the insight  of when to market to specific markets, for example, if you have marked a specific “Class” in the flights module, the information in the bookings module is filtered as well to show the purchase behavior of your passengers, or if you have selected a specific passenger origin in this module.
  • Routes
    Routes analysis gives you a bird’s eye view on your routes in many different aspects and filtering options, you can also change the graphs to show different data aspects of the route.
  • Passengers
    Passengers module allows you to explore your passenger origin, variety of destinations index etc, allows you to know how to target your next campaigns.
  • Dynamic Report
    AeroCRS Analytics will provide in the model the option to build your own “Dynamic report” where you will decide the data to be shown and save it as your own report. In two clicks, prepare a pivot table report from several dimensions.
  • Comparative analysis
    AeroCRS Analytics comes with a “Comparative analysis” module, which will help you to easily compare two different dimensions from the entire scope of the system.
  • Filtering
    Each screen can be filtered according to multiple dimensions: Year, Month, Quarter, Day of the week, Week year, Customer or Agency, Passenger country, PNR status, Service status, Flight number/From/To/Class/Income code, Active Services, Website bookings, Services and more 
  • Dimensions
    The system dimension can be set according to Flight time, Booking date, Ticket date etc. allowing you to filter the data from a variety of dimensions and combine between the different dimensions.
  • Additional sources
    If an airline would like to connect additional sources like “Revenue accounting system” or “OPS system” and improve their modules, this can be done per requirement and scope of work definition.
Cross Wide System Benefits
No installation required
As the system is a web based system (Software As A Service), you don’t need to install anything – just open a browser (we support them all) and start working.
Self service
Users can log into the system anytime from anywhere
Full “many to many” connectivity
All the fields are connected to each other with no built-in data hierarchy
One organizational language
creating one unified organizational language
Ability to search unstructured transverse
A user can do an “ad hoc” search of specific values, based on all the fields in the model
Multiple platform availability
AeroCRS Analytic is responsive and supports different types of platforms (desktop, tablets, smartphones)
Connectivity to external systems and sources of information are possible using a powerful, built-in ETL system
Drag and drop
Allows a fast, useful, simple and easy to use creation of charts and tables
Open API
It’s possible to connect the system to external system and sources for information, for example your “Revenue accounting” or “OPS”.