A few words about us

AeroCRS LTD, a high tech company based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
AeroCRS is being used in the aviation industry since 2006, providing an excellent, innovative and very user friendly PSS, that is being used by over 50 airlines from all over the world.
The system includes inventory management, reservations and flights management, fares management, B2C, B2B, DCS, FFP, full reporting center, BI Dashboard, API for 3rd party integrations including GDS, OTAs and much more.

AeroCRS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which operates the servers and software, with periodic updates to the software and version updates on a regular basis. Enjoy from cloud-scalability for unlimited capacity growth.
Our excellent support service is free and the support department is available 24/7, with a fast responding time over several communication channels.

We help small - medium size airlines to run their operations with big airlines tools without breaking their budget, using a different pricing method. You can add funcionalities as you grow in size and complexity.

Additional solutions that are being provided by AeroCRS include:

  • AeroCRS Network - a solution to help airlines to get more distribution over OTAs, meta-searches and different aggregators all over the world
  • AeroCRS Analytics - a robust platform for business intelligence that allows airlines to get more insights out of their data in order to assist them to improve marketing decisions
  • AeroCRS Digital - a division to help airlines with the digital marketing strategy and campaigns, including online marketing over Google, Facebook and more.

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Our Promise


AeroCRS will do its best to provide you with
the best service possible with the latest advantages known to the airline industry.


The AeroCRS team is obligated to the best services possible, the team, programmers, managers and sales will always take care of your business as their own, making sure you stay ahead and make the most of our system for your airline benefits. AeroCRS team will always make sure you are at the edge of technology and make sure to fulfill your requests and support you at the fastest available time and effort.

Our “No Development Fees” promise will always stay, as we promise not to charge you for any developments which benefit all AeroCRS customers, that’s a guarantee.