CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

AeroCRS main feature is the CRM (customer relationship manager), this feature allows a company to hold all her clients in one centralized location, the customer listing will go with him to wherever he goes, if it is within the system or in the website, accessible to him from the internet.

the CRM features several advanced options like full customer profile information, direct e-mailing marketing, notification updates, SMS (soon) and more.

AeroCRS hotel PNR screen


Every customer’s reservation is kept related to one “customer profile” allowing us to locate all of a specific customer booking.

The customer information is kept on the system, full details apply, for example: personal information, administrative information etc. where the customer is one entity in the system,  AeroCRS keeps the travelers information separated from the customer entity allowing the company to contact specific customers or specific travelers .

AeroCRS customer screen

Reservation Management

AeroCRS sophisticated reservation management allows a company to manage all its reservations on one system, if it’s a scheduled flight, a charter flight, hotel, special products and more.

Any booking within the system is recorded and all the information is stored in a database accessible all the time.
Each booking gets a unique booking reference and all the information is stored.

All accounting information for each reservation is stored related to the booking ref. if it is a Voucher from an agent, a gift certificate, an actual payment (we support logging of all major options: cash, bank transfer, embedded credit card clearing services, debit cards, cellular payments and more)

System also supports deposit payments, which means a customer or an agent can deposit in advance a payment into the system , the system will then store it and file any payments done from that initial deposit.

Client Communication

AeroCRS is equipped with an e-mail storage server, any booking inquiry received from the customer via e-mail can be forwarded to the system, the system will then store the e-mail, with the attachments in the AeroCRS storage, making that e-mail accessible for all users with access to the bookings and stored in the system forever.

From each reservation, you can print out or e-mail a special reservation, e-ticket, itinerary information, quote or what ever you decide, in the administrations part, you will control what your users are able to send to the customer or agent, format the e-mail with special headers, footers and more (for example, promotions) therefore unifying the branded e-mail, fax or print out coming out from the system so you know your company brand is not affected by a not updated “template” that one of your employees got on his computer.

AeroCRS PNR screen with email

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