Excursions and add-on sales

Excursions and add-on sales

With AeroCRS you can sell to your clients the excursions, transfers and any travel related products.

AeroCRS will help you setup the products in your system, using our sophisticated easily 5 options customized products search engine and you will be able to sell anything.

  • Excursions
  • Transfers
  • Meals
  • Upgrades
  • Products
  • Car rental
  • and many more…
AeroCRS products

Manage products

You can easily manage product sales within AeroCRS, you can set the products description, name, internal name, sales period and much more.

AeroCRS products setup

Sell online

AeroCRS booking engine builder will help you build your booking engine on your website, the system will create a specific booking search box for your customers to look for that specific excursion that they want.


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