Inventory operations

Inventory Operations

AeroCRS is quipped with a sophisticated hotel sales inventory operations management:

  • Manage per hotel allocation.
  • Manage per room type allocation.
  • Manage allocation types per rooms.
  • Manage different pricing per room, hotel, sales period, allocation, meal plan and more.
AeroCRS Hotels screen

Calendar view

See a full operational screenshot of the hotel according to dates and drill down, select period and more with one click of a mouse.

AeroCRS Hotels allocation screen

Room and Hotel amenities

Manage room and hotel amenities according to each room or hotel, The customer will be able to see this information in the hotel information on the website.

AeroCRS single Hotel screen

Room and Hotel images

Easily manage all the hotel and rooms information with an easy to use “Word” style editor on the system, allocate images, rich text, editable with one click of a mouse.

AeroCRS hotels rates mangement

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