Agents (GSA)


AeroCRS manages agents, agents are defined in our system, as “sales representatives” of your company, they have the ability to sell your flights and they get a commission.
AeroCRS enables you to manage the agents information, agent contact details, and more.

AeroCRS Agents screen

Credit And Booking Control

Any agency is assigned with its own booking and credit limits, credit days and payment limits. This enables accounting to control each agency with the limits of their bookings, limits of their invoicing, payment terms and payment interval, in total keeping the agents with the rules of the company in credit limits.

The commissions can be set upon several rules such as route, dates, classes and more.

Agent Sales

AeroCRS supports giving the agents automatic discounts on the rack rate (instead of commissions) according the booking type.

This enables you to set advanced promotional specials so the agents will sell more.

Balancing Accounts

AeroCRS is equipped with a special balance screen to enable accounting control to manage all balance, due invoices, payments, disputes and deposit for the agents.

AeroCRS agents balance


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