Passover vacation

Dear customers, During this week and the following, AeroCRS offices will be closed on Tuesday 15/04/2014 and Sunday and Monday next week (20-21/04/2014) due to “Passover Holiday”. The closure won’t impact urgent support issues, yet the phone and chat support services on the system will be closed […]

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Heartbleed update

Dear customers, AeroCRS is aware of the vulnerability, dubbed “Heartbleed”, which is a security concern for users of OpenSSL, a widely-used opensource cryptographic software library. It can allow attackers to read the memory of the systems using vulnerable versions of OpenSSL library (1.0.1 through 1.0.1f). This may […]

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Version 4.3

The following updates were made to version 4.3: Infants charges You can now charge infants on the system. To update the fares with OW-INF an RT-INF prices, please go to “Marketing” > “Fares” and update accordingly. Infants pricing is added the same as the regular child prices. […]

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Version 4.18

The following updates were made to version 4.18: Select your passenger recorded information We have added a provision to the system that you can now select which information you would like to record regarding your passengers in addition to the Title, First name, Last name and Age […]

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Version 4.15

The following updates were made to version 4.15: Accouting Invoice personalzation To update the invoice template, go to “Invoices” sub-module in “Accounting” module and click the “Update invoice settings” button. The ability to change the following on the invoice: Invoice name – you can change the invoice […]

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Version 4.1

The following updates were made to version 4.1 Support update We have added a unique identifier for each error case, this will help you get better support, when you encounter such an error please report it in our HELP button or the support e-mail, the error details […]

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Reason for outage report April/10

Dear customers, On April 10, 2013 we have experienced an outage on our systems, the outage was caused due to a fault in our hosting company. A detailed RFO (reason for outages) report by Hostway is attached in this link. The reason for the outage was a […]

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Version 4.0 & Upcoming Webinars

New availability screen New Structure Design: flights are separated by dividers and columns Local currency: Now you can show the availability results and the PNR in a different exchange rate (The basic pricing of the PNR will still be in USD but the presentation will be according […]

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AeroCRS customers conference and 3G Direct Pay Marketplace Launch

Thank you! We would like to say thank you for all the visitors in our customer conference and marketplace launch, we hope you have enjoyed, made new acquaintances and it was productive for you. In this page you will see all the presentations we have made during […]

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Version 3.9

Server upgrades: We have moved our DB server to brand new servers with new capabilities, better monitoring, better system performance, better load balancing. New features: New Permissions management option: You can now easily manage permissions on the system, in the “Administrations” module, there is the “Permissions” sub-module. […]

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