API CreateBooking Request

    • This request will create a booking according to flight id’s (taken from getFlights).

You might get a response that from the time of getFlights to your createBooking request seats have been occuipied.

  • You can create a booking for up to 20 flights in one createBooking request.
  • Creating a booking must be actioned on one airline each time, if you wish to book from 2 different airlines, you will need to run createBooking separtly for each airline.
  • System will check if you have the rights to create a booking for the chosen airline.
  • The response will give you a booking ID.
  • Bookings are kept for 20 minutes on airline’s inventory.
  • The system will not allow over TTL (ticketing time limit) pending bookings to be created, each class of booking, the airline define when does it needs to be ticketed, as PENDING status bookings are not ticketed, the system will prevent it from creation (according to your deposit or credit facilities with the airline or AeroCRS)


Element Type Details
String the request itself
String the ID given by AeroCRS
String the password give by AeroCRS
String Type of request:
OW: One way
RT: Return
Number Number of adults
Number Number of children
Text Code of departure
Text Code of arrival
Number <flightid> you received from getFlights
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


The system will return a <booking> element with the following elements within:

Element Type Details
<items> element will hold several elements for example: flight, hotel etc.
<flight> element will hold the following elements:
text Name of airline
number The airline ID in AeroCRS system
text From destination name
text To destination name
date YYYY/MM/DD date of flight
time HH:MM time of departure
time HH:MM time of arrival
text Flight number
text The class code booked
number Number of flight booking (used internal)
money Total charged in the currency for the flight
money Adult RACK fare (per 1 adult)
money Child RACK fare (per 1 child)
money Total TAX
money Total NET fare (charged)
money Total rack fare
money Total TAX for flight
This is a general <booking> element elements
number Number of adults booked
number Number of children booked
money Total amount for all booking
number Booking ID to be used in the API in confirmBooking
string PNR Reference (Record locator) to show customer
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <airline>Northair ltd.</airline>

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