API Basics

Sending infomration to AeroCRS API will be done using XML POST, you will receive the response formatted in XML back.
All requests must come with an API id and password that will be supplied to you by AeroCRS representative.
The following is the list of request methods in the system:


  • This request will give you a list of served destination by AeroCRS airlines.
  • The list is static and not related to a specific airline.
  • No need to input any parameters in order to get the list.
  • List might change from time to time (added destinations)


  • This request will give you a list of flights, times, airlines etc.
  • Parameters will be destinations IDs (taken from the getDestinations) and flight dates needed.
  • Response will show all flights information from different airlines for the chosen route and dates.
  • You can request One-way or Return flights, one-way for one flight, and return for 2 flights same route returning on different dates.
  • Flight infomration will be based on number of passengers and aviliability to book.
  • Pricing infomration will be included in the response.


  • This request will create a booking according to flight id’s (taken from getFlights).
  • You might get a response that from the time of getFlights to your createBooking request seats have been occuipied.
  • You can create a booking for up to 20 flights in one createBooking request.
  • Creating a booking must be actioned on one airline each time, if you wish to book from 2 different airlines, you will need to run createBooking separtly for each airline.
  • System will check if you have the rights to create a booking for the chosen airline.
  • The response will give you a booking ID.
  • Bookings are kept for 20 minutes on airline’s inventory.
  • The system will not allow over TTL (ticketing time limit) pending bookings to be created, each class of booking, the airline define when does it needs to be ticketed, as PENDING status bookings are not ticketed, the system will prevent it from creation (according to your deposit or credit facilities with the airline or AeroCRS)


  • This request will confirm a booking according to booking id (taken from createBooking)
  • The system will check if you have deposit or credit facilities with the airline or AeroCRS and will charge your account accordingly.
  • If you don’t have the system will save the booking in “PENDING” status and you will have 24 hours to confirm your booking manually with the airline.
  • If all is OK, you should get a booking with OK status, Ticket number and Invoice number from the airline with all booking details.


  • This request will give you the booking details according to a booking confirmation string (taken from confirmBooking or recieved manually from AeroCRS agents portal)
  • You can use this getBooking request from time to time, you don’t have to use it within the booking process.

AeroCRS API Procedue

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