Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs

With AeroCRS system, you can easily manage a variety of loyalty programs for your clients.
AeroCRS frequent flyer screen

AeroCRS frequent flyer system, comes with an integrated set scheme for several options of running a frequent flyer program, you can run different levels of a program or you can run separate programs according to your airline frequent flyer program.

You can set each class and each route to accumulate a set amount of miles or points and award the customer, you can also set different miles or points as a reward or bonus or status miles that can be removed from time to time.

Spending is easy on the system, once logged the customer will be able to choose which route he would like to use with miles and the system will credit him for that, spending rules are also easily managed within the system.

AeroCRS frequent flyer earcning rulesYou reservations staff can easily search for a frequent flyer member or open a new one, the system will either create a number for the member or use the one you insert, you decide.

The Frequent flyer number can be inserted by the customer on the website, the reservation staff while making the booking, the agent making the booking on the customer’s behalf or the check-in staff while the customer is checked in.





Newsletter E-mailing

The frequent flyer feature also comes with a powerful feature, where you can generate news letter e-mails, statements and more.

You will be able to create an e-mail template with banners, promotions and any content you would like, attach customer information from the system, including current balance and more, and mass e-mail it to the frequent flyer members, easily filtering birthdays, members which doesn’t have balance and much more!

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