Flight Operations

Scheduled Operations

AeroCRS is equipped with a sophisticated flight management system, you can manage flights in various ways:

  • Manage flights by service loads – if you are operating more than one aircraft per flight (service) you can separate the passengers on each aircraft, and each aircraft will get its own manifest.
  • Manage flights with days of the week over a season or multiple seasons.
  • Manage VIA flights (3 destinations).
  • Manage overlapping flights (3 destinations –2 flights, one outbound and one inbound – triangular flights) so the system won’t allow an over sell or under sell.
  • Manage strip hopping operations (same flight operates from one hub towads multiple destinations, picking and dropping passengers at strips).
  • Assign selling classes – assing each flight with as many classes as you would like, the system will nest the classes so the it won’t oversell above the service load capicty (combination of aircraft, Nesting classes).
AeroCRS flight screen

Manifest Output

Get a full operational manifest, including aircraft allocation (if you are operating more than one aircraft on a service), full customer details, loading information (when checked in through the system)

AeroCRS manifest

Route Management

Manage a route for any aircraft servicing the flight, enter crew names, fuel information, costs, actual timings, delay reasons for later reporting.
Allocate specific timings for landing in air strips or hold an airstrip operations (specifically designed for strip hopping operations)

Flight Update Procedures

AeroCRS is equipped with several and easy options to manage flight updates, from a single flight through a period flight or for the full season, you can update the flights, send an update to the customers travelling on the flights affected through e-mail or SMS.
Manage and update passenger information and allocation from the flight level.

AeroCRS flight update

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