Fares and Classes


AeroCRS marketing module enables you to manage fares, classes, circuit routes management and more, all of the set-up options are flexible so you can maximize your income.

Manage fares by class of operation, period of service, periods of sales (offer to sell a specific rate on a specific set of dates), Expiry before the flight (set the expiry hours before the flight, and set the fare to expire according to the flight date, for example, a week before the flight).

As AeroCRS basic system management is in USD you can set your fares in your own exchange rate and update the exchange rate from time to time, so the fares will be converted accordingly and you can accept bookings on your own currency (or another currency exchange)

AeroCRS fare screen

Class Management

Classes of sales in AeroCRS is a flexiable solution, the system accepets as many classes as you would like to operate, you have many features such as:

  • Show class to agents or users or website (allows you to control packages or special rates classes)
  • Priority of selling in the website – so you can set the first X seats to sell on a specific price on the website, and when they run out continue selling on the regular price for example.
  • Class can be set with its own 3 period cancellation policy for ticketed (invoiced) bookings.
  • Class can be set with a two dimension amendment policy.
  • Class be set with a different ticketing time limit, so the system would take the earliest TTL for a PNR with a combination of classes.
  • Set class with its group TTL.

AeroCRS class screen

Gift Certificates

From the system you can issue a gift certificate or a free voucher to be used at a later stage,
the system will then open a “Voucher” within the system, and it will be available for use,
once the customer will decide to use it, the system will allow it to be used according to the
rules that you set while creating the voucher, expiry dates, amount, class or route.

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