Distribution management

Distribution management

AeroCRS gives you the client several possible ways to distribute yourself and sell more seats.

AeroCRS Reservations screen

  • CRS

The system comes with a powerful Central reservation system, so all your bookings are kept in one place, if it’s a charter booking, open service, scheduled service, you can combine them all in one PNR, or separately… but everything is in one place.

  • Web App

AeroCRS comes also in a special web app version, so your mobile customers are not neglected, what you need to do is nothing, your website will be automatically converted to a mobile website version and the customer will be able to book online, pay and get a confirmation, all from the palm of his hand.
AeroCRS Affiliate coupon

  • Website

Each of AeroCRS customers gets a full commercial website with the full online capability and a rich website content management system (CMS) so your customer can book your flights, charters etc. online immediately!

  • Agents web login

Do you have an oversee agent that wants to work with you but doesn’t have the time to learn the sophisticated CRS system, just give him a web login and he will be able to book and get his commission from day one.

  • Agents CRS

AeroCRS agents screen
Some agents want more than others, give them the option to go into your CRS and book using the latest tools of your airline, with Agents CRS access you agents can book, see classes, amend a booking, cancel, issue reports and more.

  • API – Application protocol interface

AeroCRS system comes with a full booking API, so if you have an agency, or another system that you want to integrate with, we will give them access to your inventory using our XML API (standard)

  • LDS – Local distribution system

In East Africa, easily deliver your flights and schedules to other airlines so you can code share with them and book them directly from your system, so you won’t need to syncoriize allocation anymore.

  • Affiliate

Give your agents or web partners the option to link to you and then get immediate commissions on sales that been done on the website, the customer will book from you, pay you in full, and you will be able to credit the agency with the commission they earned by referring the customer.

  • Coupon codes

Advertise coupon codes so your customers will be able to get a discount immediately on the website without the need of a special intervention.

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