Charter operations

Charter operations

In AeroCRS system, you can manage your charters easily, start with a quote, and finish with
a manifest template and tickets to give to your customers. The charters will be managed
with an operational aspect as well as a customer service aspect.

When you setup the system, you can set charter rates, saved routes, your destinations (the system will calculate the nautical miles for you) or agency charter rates, so eventually your reservation staff and operation staff can work together and get the best quotes out to a client.

The system will let you manage several routes per charter booked, with an optional of managing actual times and data so your pilots and staff will know their schedule from the system, easily and safe.

AeroCRS PNR charter screen

Crew And Aircraft Management

Log crew actual hours, general information, licesing reports, crew allocations, crew ratings and more information about your crew will be visible to you on hand.

Log aircraft usage on an easy to see screen information, see when your aircraft are available immediately and point out refillable slots to better utilize the usage of your fleet.

Charter Operational Costs Management

Manage each charter operations costs and know your profit from each charter made, on aircrafts or routes break down.

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