AeroCRS Overview

AeroCRS is a cloud based system for managing and operating a small airline scheduled or charter based operation.

AeroCRS PNR Screen

AeroCRS will provide to your airline a one stop solution for most of your airline needs in the  reservations (scheduled or charters), operations, CRM (Customer relationship management),agents management system with a dedicated system / website access for remote agents,  a full running website with a full  CMS (Central management system).
FID (Flight information display), Check-in and Gate control, accounting and more! – yes all of those services packed in to one place.

Of-course you can select to utilize parts of the system that you see fit for your operations.

Small and medium airlines or charter operators operate under a strict and small budget, AeroCRS allows the management to get the full answer to the aviation operator needs in one small system, with AeroCRS you don’t need to install any software or special hardware in your company, just browse the inter, AeroCRS is supported on all major browsers and operating systems.

The very short, 2 days set-up of AeroCRS and another 4 days of training, you will get  your aviation operation under the advanced AeroCRS software, as AeroCRS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) you do not need to pay special installation fees, we just set up your company profile and you can get started, you can also select our “website included” package, and get a full operational website for your operation.

Small and medium airlines move away from expensive, complicated legacy systems and traditional distribution channels – airlines prefer to deal with the customer directly or directly with the agent without the need of a BSP or GDS therefor increasing the revenue in their airline income.

AeroCRS operates a dedicated support line, the support is accessible in various ways, the first one is a small “help” button located within the system, this button allows you to chat

directly with one of the support representatives (when available) or send an e-mail with an automated screen shot of the current screen you are in, the second channel is through standard e-mail address, the third channel is through our support website, located at there you can also find a full knowledge base of the system with picture training and soon it will include video, the last channel is our Skype center or our direct phone lines for support which are available during working hours.

AeroCRS updates on a regular basis, our customers can always follow us on our twitter account to get updates on system updates, updates etc.

Cross Wide System Benefits

  • No installation required – As the system is a web based system, you don’t need to install anything, just open a browser (we support them all) and start working.
  • Agents CRS – Have your agents start working with you in no time, give them usernames and passwords to the system, they will only see their data and will have complete (up to a certain extant) control over the booking.
  • Website and system talk… – Once a member of a staff starts a booking in the CRS, the system will automatically update the website, enabling the customer to print his tickets online, if you wish you can set up a booking and have the customer pay online.
  • Integrated E-mails – Our systems are fully equipped with an e-mail server, so sending a booking to a customer is easy, just a couple of clicks.
  • Customization is the name of the game – You can control almost anything – Users, Permissions, Printing and E-mail layouts, Reporting permissions and more.
  • No limits – we don’t limit you with the quantity of users, agents, flights, bookings, customers and more.
  • BI Dashboard – a BI (business intelligence) Dashboard, where you can see the orders online, sum of all your airline performance.
  • Integrated Google solutions – we integrate any Google solution, like Google analytics for your website, Google apps for your domain and more.
  • E-mail alerts – several options of e-mail alerts for customer / agent / yourself.

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